About Us

We're a two person indie game studio based in Southern California

Together, we're setting out on a journey to make our dreams of creating games professionally a reality.

As a couple, we hope to combine our professions of graphic design and software engineering to create games that are fun, cute, accessible, and enjoyable.




Currently the entirety of our engineering department, Andy has over 15 years of software development experience at various startups.

He enjoys playing video games, traveling, and spending time with Chris and Kaya.



As the illustrator and art director for our games, Chris is in charge of making things cute and pretty.

He's a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and ATLA, which are a huge inspiration for the art he creates.



Our mini australian labradoodle who heads up the QA deparment with a specialization in testing office snacks.

So far she's only caught one bug, which was a small fly, but we're hoping she'll catch more soon.

Kiwie Vs Desert

Kiwie vs Desert is a 3D front facing runner game where you play as Kiwie the cat. After crashing his spaceship on a desert planet, Kiwie must search through the desert to find his communication device to call for help.

Screenshot of kiwie collecting fuel in the desert with two snakes and many cacti in the background


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